Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bicycle Outfit Womens

From the seller:

This vintage Victorian era AG Spalding women's blue wool bicycle bloomers pants and middy top date from 1900. It is made of a dark navy blue wool fabric. This rare women's athletic outfit would have been considered suitable cycling wear for ladies. There are loose fitting bloomer pants, with pleated details, fitted gathered leg cuffs and side button closure waistband. There is a "A.G. Spalding & Bros." label along the inside side opening. The bloomers measure 34 inches long, with a 28 inch waist. There is a matching fabric middy style blouse top, with sailor collar, long full sleeves, cuffs, hidden front buttons and buttons around the inside waistband which attach to the bloomer pants. The owners name has been hand written inside the top in ink. The top measures 19 inches long, with a 26 inch waist, 40 inch bust and 14 inch back. It is in good wearable condition, with only a few small faint age spot stains on the top. This is truly a rare and wonderful piece of women's early athletic wear!

From Me:

This style was popular between 1898-1902. You can see a very similar one at the Met website: Bicycle Outfit.

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