Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dorothy's Real Shoes

From the seller:

Offered for study, an original pair of lady's circa late 1910's silver lame' evening shoes with cutaway vamps, single button closures, 2" lame' faced Louis French heels, kid and cloth interiors with one foot bed marked "U.S. BARNEY CO., SCHENECTADY, N.Y.," and continuous leather soles. Recently de-accessioned from a New York State museum, with their 1954 accession number penned on the soles. 11" from heel to toe and 2 7/8" wide, outside measure. Offered for study, in as found condition, with normal oxidation to the lame', normal sole wear, a few age creases, and wear to the lame' at the original button mounts. High style shoes from the World War I era.

From Me:

A bit of Trivia, in 1900, the book the Wonderful Wizard of Oz came out. Now, we all know the movie and those ruby red slippers - however, in the book, Dorothy's shoes are silver like the ones above. Why? Because the book is actually about getting off the gold standard (the yellow brick road) and movie to the sturdier base of silver. Ie, it's an economic book. Or so the theory goes, at least!

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