Thursday, January 3, 2013

Edwardian Business Suit for Women

From the seller:

A fetching 1890-1900 blue satin and printed velvet suit that has recently been de-accessioned from a museum collection. The jacket and skirt are trimmed with blue velvet that has a white lace pattern hat creates a beautiful effect. The label reads M. L. Fazio, Tuxedo Park, NY. The jacket collar, lapels, sleeve cuffs and hemline are trimmed with velvet. The top of the sleeves have rows of pin tucking, The jacket is lined with silk. The hemline of the skirt is trimmed with the same velvet. The skirt is unlined. The suit if in good condition. There are a couple of pea size age spots on the velvet on the jacket. There is no other discoloration just shadows created by the camera flash. There is some wear to the velvet along the collar, lapels and sleeve cuffs. As can be seen in the photos the lining is splitting. It can easily be removed with no ill effect to the jacket. The suit is a generous size and very wearable. Shoulders 15 ½ Bust 34 Jacket length 23 Skirt waist 31 Length 39.

From Me:

The cut is very much in accordance with the late 1900's/early teens for business wear. I'd love to wear a velvet suit like this to work...hmmm...

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