Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mid to late 1860's Toddler's Dress

From the seller:

We are selling a large collection of antique clothing that came from a remarkable auction several years ago. All had been accumulated in a trunk by an early New England family. We are selling the items that did not have good identification or had some minor condition issues. Please check our other auctions to see all 60 items eventually listed.

This is a charming piece for a child of 2 or 3. Red, black and off white plaid wool with 3/8 in black tape trim.

This is all hand sewn and buttons up the back. Over all in good shape, there are a couple small holes and some repaired holes on the skirt.

From Me:

This was too super sweet not to post. Based upon the waistline, I'm thinking more 1865 than earlier. Very cute!

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