Monday, January 28, 2013

Lovely Green 1870's Bodice

From the seller:

We are selling a large collection of antique clothing that came from a remarkable auction several years ago. All had been accumulated in a trunk by an early Connecticut family. We are selling the items that did not have good identification or that had some minor condition issues. Please check our other auctions to see all 60 items eventually listed.
And please assume that all garments are too small to fit you. We do not care to facilitate destruction of these artifacts by providing detailed measurements to those looking simply for costumes to wear.
Green plaid silk with black silk trim and lined in brown cotton.
Has all 8 original mother of pearl buttons in front and 2 on tail.

Silk is in good condition.

From Me:

This is so cute. I'm sure the skirt that went with it was equally as lovely.

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