Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Health Corset?

From the seller:

Size: about 36"/26"/37"
Shoulder to hem 23"

Tape detail at bust, hand crochet at neckline. Interior seams made with chain stitch machine!

Silk fabric in great condition, garment is very wearable. One bone button broken (see image) interior pockets for boning. (Not included) also, interior pockets to add bust padding or store handchief.

No odors, non smoking home. Steampunk!

From Me:

I don't think this is silk. I also don't think it's a corset cover. It looks like there are pockets in the front for steeling boning which would suggest a health corset. The styling suggests late 19th C/early 20th but I'm not sure. More research needed on this one!


  1. I'm leaning toward agreeing with you; I might guess even earlier, 1880s-1890s, since there's none of the Juno-bosom silhouette from the 1900s. It does remind me of a rational/healthy corset from the 1880s. Those outside buttons are almost certainly for fastening petticoats. If it weren't that the measurements are pretty mature, I'd guess this for a young girl.

  2. I agree. This looks like a health corset. It's the button front that gives it away. It very similar to these from 1886: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v322/GONElikeAlPacinosCASH/1886.gif
    I'd guess at the 1890s, when large, more rounded breasts began to come back into fashion and ladies became more active in sports. A very neat piece!