Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Cute Turn of the Century Swimdress

From the seller:

This swim suit dates to the Victorian 19th century and is two piece in its construction, both piece are fashioned of a blue challis wool. The collar is in a navy silk blended fabric with a white polka dot, piped along the edge in cotton with cuffs done in matching fashion. The suit hooks closed up the front, black pinhead polka dot cotton and a fine calico trims the fly opening. The skirt is trimmed at the top in the mini polka dot around the waistline, the wide polka dot at the bottom. Each underarm has seen a large amount of repairs with patching done and built up stitching, the right underarm has seen additional frayed holes with a fingertip hole on the right bust and scattering small fray beginnings in the legs as well as several on the seat. The skirting has similar small frayed areas of wear but all are unnoted unless held to the light, has a very excellent appearance and remains fully wearable. The skirt measures 26 inches around the waist and falls 24 inches in its length, the suit itself measures 26 inches around the waist, 36 inches around the bust, and shoulder to bottom measuring 42 inches.

From Me:

Polka Dots! Because of the collar, I'm going towards the 1900's on this piece.

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