Thursday, January 31, 2013

Early 1900's Ballgown

From the eller:

This auction is for a most magnificent antique 1890's Victorian ballgown. Still with it's 1800's stamp impressed on the silk corset band. It reads:

" O'Hara 11 East 48th St. New York "

Pale lilac silk taffeta with gold metalic thread brocade floral design throughout this rather ornate antique gown.This fabric is very strong and stable. Billowy silk taffeta, wide passementerie lace and deeper lilac tulle sleeves, with unusual double open sleeve pocket openings. Same metal thread lace makes up the dress bodice insert. A fine ruffling of netted lace remnants along the gathered neckline. A total of eleven sewn in metal corset stays sewn in th corset top for slim fit. Cross over front and back with hook closure from back on dress left side....this is a spectacular antique ballgown! The bustle back skirt portion of the dress is truly regal in it's own right. It features the most exquisite sweeping back train. Tons of gathers in the skirt rear to accomodate both your hoop skirt and wire cage bustle . Early hook & eyes up both skirt back and corset top back. Both the dress top and lower skirt are lined in an ivories silk. Just an amazing, genuine 1800's Victorian dress for display. The following flaws are noted: I believe there is a very gentle overall fading to the silk. The silk lining within the corset top is worn underneath both arm holes. There is a fine gathering of thinning tulle along the neckline as mentioned above. It is purely decorative and thus can be removed or easily replaced. The inner neckline has a threaded silk ribbon to cinch the neckline around the body for custome fit. The silk ribbon is broken so you will need to rethread a new ribbon. Staining and some silk tears under both underarms. I believe the dress originally had upper sheer silk chiffon where the darker lilac tulle has been added as there are remnants of such upon close inspection. This was only noticed upon close inspection. The dress skirt is in amazing condition. There is a very, very light age spot along one flower...barely noticeable. Overall this is in amazing condition. Once the bodice is restored, I imagine this being worn to a vintage event and shown on museum display as an early designer piece. No reserve! This elegant 1890's dress measures as follows:

Bust: 32 inches

Waist: 24 inches

Hips: full bustle back

Underarm side seam:54 inches

Mid back waist to train end: 64 inches

With some restoration, this is spectacular dress is sure to be one of your most prized vintage clothing posessions!

From Me:

I'm thinking about 1902 for this beauty due to the sleeves. And of course, this would NOT have been worn with a bustle. S-bend corsets people, s-bend.

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