Friday, January 18, 2013

Green Edwardian Dress



From the seller:

antique dress Victorian Edwardian green silk pigeon front lace


Antique two piece green silk Victorian ladies dress
1. two pieces, top tucks into bottom
2. top has hooks down the back
3. skirt has hidden hooks
4. belt is removable
5. collar has bones in neck to keep it up
6. white lace on top is net lace
7. gold trim on top is gold metal lace
8. tassels are gold metal bullion
9. condition is good but not perfect
10. skirt on one side, the silk has some small tears on the folds
11. note some under arm stains
12. two small 1/2 in. tears under each arm
13. ties with tassels need minor repair, they just pin under the belt, one tassel needs to be attached
14. two or three very small splits in silk on back of top, and around waist of skirt
1. neck 12.5 in.
2. sleeves, 23 in.
3. bust, 36 in. plus
4. waist, 28 in.
1. waist, 24 in.
2. length, 40 in.
3. 146 in. around the bottom
Lace ruffle on neck needs to be stitched and on sleeve
If this is for display none of the problems I have mentioned show
Needs to be repaired to be worn
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From Me:

Based on the styling, I think this is either very late 1900's or early 1910's. The way the neckline is would indicate a bit earlier but many virtuous ladies preferred the higher necklines well into the 1910's. ;-)

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