Thursday, January 3, 2013

1890's Ball Gown Bodice

From the seller:

Oh so beautiful 1890s ballgown bodice in pale apple green silk, velvet and lace. The bodice has huge balloon sleeves that are lined with some sort of stiffening agent. The wide scooped neckline goes just to the edge of the shoulders and is bordered with draped velvet and lace. I am not sure if there is some velvet missing on the right back or if it was designed that way...The tightly fitted basque bodice has metal stays and laces down the back. The waist measures 22" and the bust 32" The silk lining is remarkably intact, with some shattering on the interior of the sleeves.

From Me:

Notice this has the same type of sleeves as the not-Georgian Dress the other day.

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