Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Earlyish 19th Century Petticoat

From the seller:

Recently de-accessioned from a museum collection with a 1969 accession number penned on the inner side of the waistband, a rare original circa 1820's lady's hand corded cotton petticoat with cotton braces, back ties, and a deep horizontally corded hem. As shown, a 32" waist and 36" from waist to hem. An inner surface is penned with "Ruth T. Weatherhead" and "Mrs. R. T. Weatherhead, No. 1." Research has found a Ruth Tabitha Weatherhead (1786-1864) of Cumberland, Rhode Island who was the daughter of John Weatherhead (1740-1817) of Cumberland who served during the American Revolution in Capt. George Peck's Company of Col. Richard Fry's Regiment of Rhode Island Militia. This is the only Ruth T. Weatherhead found. In sound presentable condition, with some scattered organic spots, near the hem, below the waistband, and at the braces. One let down tuck at the top of the cording, a few tiny age flaws, and a mended brace. All is reflected in the reserve price for this rare early 19th century petticoat with this associated history to a Daughter of the American Revolution.

From Me:

I hesitate to say this is 1820's because all the cording and the way it's styled looks early 1840's to my eyes. For 1820's, I'd expect a higher waistline and less cording. For now, I'm putting this in the 1840's because of that.

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