Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lovely 1890's Gown

From the seller:

Ocher Silk & French Brocade 1890's Ballgown: This dress is made of an ocher silk and french metallic brocade. This dress is from the 1890's. This was called "The Belle Epoch or is often called "The Opulent Era". The bodice has a bust of 28 and a waist of 20. The skirt has a waist of 24 and a length of 38. This dress must have been a favorite dress because it is well worn. The bodice has heavy underarm stains that do have some small holes. See photo of the worst underarm. There are spots on the sleeves (see photos) and the waist ribbon needs tacking back on one side. The bow in the back needs sewing back on and there are thread holes around the neckline which make me think that it was originally trimmed in lace. The skirt is entirely lined in cotton and the lining is in good condition. There are spots here and there on the ochre silk while the French Brocade is in good condition. There are long drips down the back of the dress. See photo. There are also other spots on the back. This 1890's style is the last of the bustle period. Even though this dress has problems, it displays well from the front. You do not see the underarm stains because of the large Gibson Girl sleeves.

From Me:

...Of the many colors I see here, ocher is not one of them. I see a lovely spring green and a nice eggshell. The 1890's were post bustle period and I don't believe I've ever heard the Belle Epoch or the Gay Nineties called the Opulent Era before....

I will give credit for at least getting the date right.

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