Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Regency Era Gentlemen's Waistcoat

From the seller:

Item Description

A very fine example of an early 19th Century Gentleman's court waistcoat circa 1800.

Of typical form constructed of fine ivory coloured silk decorated with sprigs and flowers to the front opening, bottom edge and both pocket flaps. There are 6 embroidered false buttons to the front however the waistcoat is fastened using plain buttons concealed beneath the front flap. Stand up collar design with two adjustment straps to the rear. The back panel appears to be a light cotton.

A very fine example with some age related staining originating from the armpit area but these do not detract. No mothing or anything that can really constitute as damage. Please note though this is a garment dating over 200 years old so please expect some minor staining or creasing that may not be visible in the images.

The stock is simply a piece of tied satin material however as this matches the waistcoat well it will be included in the sale. An unusually large sized garment for the period.

Chest Size Measurement: 98cm

From Me:

For my fellow Americans that for the live of them cannot convert from cm into inches in their heads, I had to look it up too. :-D It's roughly 38.5 inches. So, yeah, not a small guy. However, this is just too lovely and too colorful not to be included today. :-)

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