Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1850's Lace Panel

From the seller:

A gorgeous net ballgown overlay with very elaborate silk floss embroidery at the deep hem. Unpicked from a ballgown the dimensions are 46" from top to bottom of hem and 120" circumfrence. In nearly pristine condition. a few small darkened spots on the netting that is not very noticeable. No rips or repairs. handstitched. A very rare find as are gowns that have not been unpicked. Most gowns that you see for sale that are cut for evening wear are quite plain . . . due to the picking of all lace, ribbons, and flowers for recycling into another garment.

From Me:

I just hope the ballgown was in shattered condition. I wanted to include this to show some good close ups of mid 19th Century lace.

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