Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brocade 1890's Bodice

From the seller:

Gorgeous 1890's silk jacket
This gorgeous jacket is made of pure French silk, and was made in Montpellier.
The silk is green and blue, with flower details, and the decoration is made of blue ribbons around the collar,
on the shoulders, around the wrists and on the bust (nothing is missing, the two ribbons were sewed on the middle
of the bodice)
The waist is around 60cm wide, and the shoulders must be less than 51cm (because mine are 51cm wide, and
it was a little bit tight for me)
There are only two stains on the front and they're hidden by the ribbon but no wholes, so it's almost perfect considering how old it is...

If you need any more pictures or measurements, just ask, and I will try to answer you as soon as possible!
I love this amazing piece and I'm actually sad it doesn't fit me, so I really hope it will find a new caring owner soon.

I've kept it in a box, wrapped very carefully in paper to protect it because silk is very fragile,
so I will send it in a box wrapped in the same way.
It is preferable to keep it as a collection piece, I just tried it on to show you how it looked like.

If the shipping rates don't suit you, we can always try to find a cheaper way for me to send it!
Just contact me before bidding so I can try to find another way to ship the package. Thank you!

From Me:

Just a very quick note; I honestly can't see the photos I post on the blog at work. I know they get uploaded - I can see them in the uploader- but when they get to the blog itself inside the img tag, all I see is a broken box. It has to do with my work's rather interesting idea of a firewall. I can edit posts, I can create posts, I can see the text of a post...but not the images. So, if you happen to see an image that is OMG!HUGE!, please let me know. I try to always add a width requirement to the images so they can be any height, but are confined to a certain width. However, some times, I miss one or forget. Please, just give me a quick comment if you happen to see an image that hasn't been re-sized properly. Thanks!

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