Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tweed Late Victorian Dress

From the seller:

This is a beautiful wool-tweed dress in brown, green, & teal.

The bodice is trimmed with teal silk and black lace at the neck, waist, and cuffs.

There is also a brown satin ribbon at the shoulder, adorned with an ivory-colored ribbed-oval. I believe the oval is a shiny

plastic-like material. The sleeves are puffy at the shoulders, tapering down to the wrist. The breast has

large swooping pleats spanning across the chest.

The lining of the bodice is tan and brown cotton sateen. There are "EMPRESS" armpit protectors attached to the lining.

They are stained, but the lining itself is not. The bodice is boned (12) all the way around.

The lining closes down the middle with 12 hooks-and-eyes, while the tweed front wraps across and closes at the side.

The interior of this bodice is impeccable with the exception of one of the bones (coming loose).

The full skirt is undecorated and immaculate!

The waistline is straight and ungathered, except for the very-back. There are four very large tucks adding fullness to the back.

The entire skirt is lined with brown cotton sateen. The lining is heavier at the bottom, leading into a stiff green ribbon

and a brown velvet cord around to protect the garment from dragging. The skirt was worn so the velvet shows some wear,

but is in overall remarkable condition.

The tweed's condition is immaculate. After a great deal of searching, I have found NO MOTH HOLES and only few small spots where

the tweed has pulled a bit. The loops are located at the seam under the left arm, one loop on the back, and the inside elbow area

of the right arm. (these are pictured)

The tweed of the skirt is exceptional. Unfortunately the teal silk adorning the bodice is dissipating. All areas w/silk are affected,

though the black lace is intact. The collar itself appears to be missing.

This piece is so remarkable and sturdy, that removal and replacement of the trim is necessary to restore this dress to its

proper glory!


Bust: 30".

Shoulder-To-Shoulder: 11".

Neckline-To-Waist: 15".

Neck Opening: 12".

Waist: 22".

Skirt Length: 40".

Hemline Circumference: 134".

All known flaws have been identified. I have not attempted to treat nor clean this piece! All measurements are approximate. Please keep in mind the age of this piece, and the

travels it has made through time!

This garment is quite heavy and its shipping weight is (approximately 6 lbs).

From Me:

1890's with those sleeves!

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