Saturday, October 8, 2011

1870's Bustle Gown

From the seller:

This is a 3 piece brownish gray gown from the 1870's. It's in a medium-weight fabric, probably a mix of silk, wool and cotton. The bodice and underskirt are lined with brown cotton. The overskirt is nicely ruched, giving it a pouffy back with a squared bottom edge. It's also trimmed with ruffles. The bodice closes in front with cloth covered buttons. one is missing, two have come loose and are in the watch pocket.
The bust is 36", waist is 29". The overskirt has a 26" waist, is 34" long in front, it's a bit longer in back with a squarish flap. The underskirt has a 25" waist, is 39 1/2" long in front, 53" in back at the train.
In good shape overall, with some smudges, a few greenish marks on the cuffs, slight underarm discoloration. The bodice also has a few grayish marks here and there, the lining is holding up nicely. The overskirt has some fraying at the edges of the waistband where it would fasten, though there are no fasteners present. There are some minor spots and holes to the overskirt. The underskirt has some darkening and spoting around the hem and train area, probably from dirt and/or mud. There is an area about 3" square with some holes, an area about 5" with some orangey spots, some other minor flaws here and there. There are no fasteners on the underskirt.

From Me: 

 A lovely wearable sized everyday bustle dress!

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