Monday, October 17, 2011

Late 1880's/early 1890's print dress

From the seller:

This bustle gown dates to the 1880’s and is fashioned of a gray wool with an unusual print of scrolling on the wool fabric. The bodice hooks closed up the front, polished cotton lines the piece with a pointed tail in the rear. The bib front is fully detached and is in need of hooks for attachment. The skirt buttons closed at the rear waist, skirt is lined in polished cotton with the skirt having panels of pleating running vertically down. The skirt has several small thumbprint areas of fray and the waistband has come free at the rear at a minor point. The bodice has mild age color around the neckline with the inner elbow having a thumbprint hole that goes all the way through, the underarms have seen buffed wear with a thinning of the fabric, no holes but is definitely a thinner texture. A name of ID is on the interior and reads Doris Hill. Measures 34 inches around the bust, 24 inches around the waist, with a center rear length of 22 inches, the skirt measures 32 inches around the waist, 40 inches in its length, and a bottom hem measuring 82 inches around. 


From me:

This dress is odd for many reasons.   The bodice looks like it's been let out and then taken back in.  Given the difference between the skirt waist (32") and the bodice waist (24") maybe a pregnancy?   Or maybe someone was remaking the outfit for a smaller sized person?   Or maybe someone finally laid off the extra sweet potato pudding at Thanksgiving?   I'm really not sure.   The print on the dress is laid out in specific places -possibly originally a border print wool fabric. Overall, a neat visiting or "good" dress.

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