Monday, October 24, 2011

Scrumptous Edwardian Coat

From the seller:

For the seasoned Collector, here is a beauty. All questions welcome.
     Did this coat take your breath away? It did me, when I first gazed upon it! This Edwardian Coat is a rare find.  Made of light weight wool that is soft to the touch, it has no maker labels. The shawl collar is made of silk under the web of black velvet trim. The silk is shredded but still in tack because of the velvet trim.The trim on the shoulders and down the front to the hemline is also silk with many forms of small stitch embroidery to make the print. Sleeves on this lovely pc. of history remind me of the Pagoda sleeve from the civil war erra. Besides the beautiful trim they have 5" ecru chantilly lace peeking out from the inside.
     Almost every edge of the embroidered silk trim on shoulders, down the front, and on the sleeve cuffs shows signs of deterioration. This is noticable in some areas and barely noticeable in others. Photo's 6 & 8 reveal the worst. The worst being where the wearer would crab the  front at the chest to fasten it closed with one of three hook and eye fasteners. There is little moth damage to this coat but you'll find it in the back. Photo 11 and 3 reveal a period mend on the back of the left sleeve just above the elbow area. To the right of the period mend is a side seam with some moth damage. The other moth nips should show in photo 12. The inside silk satin lining of the Coat is just beautiful but is on its way to deterioration in the neck, shoulder, and arm hole areas. The previous owner tried to detour further deterioration of the neck area by covering it with another piece of silk. Nice try for the save!
    This coat will survive another 100 years if it is not worn. It is my hope that it will go to a collector or preservationist and be preserved forever. These coats do not come up for sale very oftern. I've seen and sold only one other in 22 years.
 This is a treasure and it measures 14" in the shoulders, 34" in the chest. Hard to gues the waist and hips but its not an overly full cut. Over all length from the shoulder  to hemline is 52". Sleeve opening 14".

From Me:

If I had the money right now, this would be mine. And I'd totally wear it. This is so completely wonderful from the details on the cape collar to the gorgeous embroidery down the front of the coat to the lace inserts on the wool sleeves. The colors harmonize so beautifully that this coat looks like a piece of art!

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