Thursday, October 20, 2011

Remade Edwardian bodice?

From the seller:

Antique Victorian Black Silk Blouse - Beautiful ornate black silk blouse would fit a child or small woman.  18 ½” from shoulder to bottom of front.  Sleeve length underarm to wrist is 16 ½” on the seam.  Sleeve end opening is roughly 2 ¼” diameter.  Waist opening is 9” diameter.  Neck opening 3 ½ to 4”.  I have never worn but it looks like someone did at one point.  Inside there are under arm protectors pinned in.  There are no holes in the piece anywhere and is wearable.  Collar is lace with green embroidered leaves - collar stays still in place (one needs to be re-sewn).  There appears to be no rips in lace.  The front of the blouse has black embroidered flowers and pleats – snaps and hook eyes down the front. Sleeves have same flowered embroidery - each wrist has hook and eye to close.  The back has pleating from top to bottom and 3 eyes on the bottom to attach to skirt hooks to stay in place.

From Me:

At first blush, this looks like any other Edwardian bodice from the late 1900's/early 1910's but then I saw the sleeves. I think this might be a 1860's bodice redone for the mode of the time. The styling, overall, would be correct. Whoever redid the bodice, however, did an amazing job.

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