Thursday, October 20, 2011

Men's 19th Century Vest

From the seller:

Early woven silk embroidered by hand detail waistcoat with glazed cotton back with fastenings , lined inside with a cotton . a good example of day wear which would have been for the wealthy classes. Embroidery in good order , good colour still. There is an area on the shoulder which is distressed and the waistcoat surface is slightly stained and has been certainly worn , a good archive and collectors piece. French.

From Me:

My guess is that this is a Regency era waistcoat.   The style indicates it's pretty early -embroidery on waistcoats was a hold over from the 18th Century but the higher waistline was common in both men and women's clothing in the Regency era.  A part of me seriously wants to believe it belonged to a hobbit.  :-) 

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