Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PINK! Corset

From the seller:

A fantastic find and the type of ladies garment no Edwardian woman could do without.
You are bidding for a lace up corset and circa 1910.
The corset was made from cotton, has steel boning, long laces and steel hook and eye closures. Best of all, the original garters are still attached!
The fabric is cinnamon pink and was machine brocaded with a pattern of small roses. The top of the bodice is trimmed with a machine embroidered and lace trim.
Marked on the inside with the manufacturer's name and other info saying this is an American Lady corset, Style 298, Double Boning in Bone Casing Guaranteed Not to Rust; Cotton Corset Made In U. S. of America.
A small picture logo of a Victorian woman with elaborate hat is near the written information.
Garter hardware is imprinted with PAT. 3 29 1910.
Very clean. There is some fading to the fabric and wear along the top of the bodice and on the garter attachments. 

From Me:

Wow!  This is a very pink corset.  I love seeing ones that aren't the boring white we are all so use to.  


  1. That is a really bright pink! I have trouble accepting it as original, there was a trend for dying antique corsets and girdles in the past decade. Shameful really.
    I would guess this is one of those, the color is splotchy, and honestly the pink that came into fashion for girdles just a decade later was a softer pink. (also blue and grey)