Thursday, October 20, 2011

1890's Child's dress

From the seller:

I have an Elderly Friend that was getting ready to throw this dress out and I just could not let her.  There is just too much history to be told through this dress, so I told her I would list it for her.

It does show its age, but I was hoping someone would be able to save this dress.  It has dark blue velvet down the front, on the shoulders, 3" down the back and on the sleeves.  It has 9 black eyelet hooks going down the back, but one is missing.  The neckline and chest have a dark blue, silverish blue silk top lining, but is split in a few areas across the chest.  Not in the best of shape.  The rest of the dress feels like a felt or maybe a wool.  The dress does have a very thick brownish gold lining in which looks to be in very good shape. 

It is discolored throughout the dress and there are holes in the front and back.

The neckline, the vest, the shoulders and the sleeves all have gorgeous beads accenting the dress.   There are some missing, but very few.

I do hope so much someone can make some good out of this dress and save the history of that era even if you just save the beads and the inner lining. 


Bust Size: 15" acrossLength from back of neckline to hem:  32"
Waist: 12.5" across

From Me:

This is so cute! I can't believe anyone would throw out a dress like this.

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