Tuesday, October 25, 2011

18th Century Fabric pieces for a gown

From the seller:

This rare antique 18th century silk Point de Beauvais embroidery French court dress fabric dates from 1790. It is made of an off white ivory color silk fabric, with colorful muted pastel Point de Beauvais hand embroidery work. This form of linked stitch embroidery resembles chain stitch needlework. There are intricately, expertly embroidered flowers, grasses, peacock feathers and blue bow bouquets embellishing the fabric. This regal rococo style fabulous French court dress fabric remnant has been cut and taken apart in order to create something new which was probably done sometime during the mid 19th century. There are approximately 14 pieces of cut fabric. The larger fabric skirt panel measure 38 inches long, 80 inches around and the second fabric panel is 63 by 29 inches. There are 6 bodice pieces, a sleeve pair and front insert panel. Also included are 3 purses someone created out of the fabric, an eye glass case holder, lace trim pouch purse and gold frame coin purse. Professional needle workers in France produced astonishing designs by hand with silk threads and the fabric was then cut, custom made and sewn to fit. The larger fabric panel pieces are in excellent condition and the cut fabric remnants have some fraying and faint foxing age spotting (see close-up). This is truly a superb rare and wonderful piece of early needlework textile art!

From Me:

This is fabulous!   Although this might have been a lovely court gown, it looks like around the 1840's someone took it apart and cut it up for a new gown.  The darts are very 19th Century and the sloped shoulders more indicative of the 1830's and 1840's.  The purses are all 19th Century in style as well.  Perhaps this was a fancy dress that was taken apart again and again to keep up with the modern styles?  It's a fascinating piece of history either way.

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