Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wonderful Stripy 18th Century English styled Gown

From the seller:

A rare 18th century 1775-1780 silk gown that comes from the Barrell estate in Livingston Manor, Sullivan County, NY.   The hand stitched dress in made in the open robe style and is being displayed over a petticoat that is listed in a separate auction.   The silk fabric has a pink, mint green and ivory stripe pattern.   The neckline has a front drawstring closure.  The front of the bodice has a hook and loop closure that is probably a later period addition as the bodice was originally pinned in place.  The bodice and sleeves are lined with homespun linen.  The sleeves have a small flared cuff.  The cuffs are edged with ivory satin.  The skirt is attached to the bodice with tight pleating.  The skirt is unlined.  There are tape ties on the inside so the skirt could be draw up and worn polonaise style.  The gown is in good and sturdy condition.  There are period mends under the arms and surface only splitting in this same area.  There is one 2 ½  inch  split on one sleeve and small holes and period mends in the skirt.  One small area on the back hemline has a couple of small splits.  There is very ling underarm discoloration and soiling around the neckline on the inside lining.   The age flaws do not distract from the overall appearance.  A beautiful display gown from a time period that is rarely seen on the open market.   Bust  32 Waist 24 Skirt length 37.  Included with this dress will be a small photo of a member of the family who wore this dress at a fancy dress ball in 1915.  

From Me:

Oh my goodness! It's a pastel stripy 18th Century gown!  I adore this beauty!   I'm curious though if the back boning -giving the way it looks in the lining- is original or was added when it was re-worn int he 20th Century.

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