Monday, October 24, 2011

Victorian Wedding Shoes

From the seller:

These documented 1883 Wedding Shoes were recently de-accessioned from a museum Collection. The Museum catalogue number is written the bottom of the shoes. The accompanying note states that they were worn by Lily Virginia Brandreth at her marriage to Francis Larkin Jr. on September 25th, 1883. The shoes are made of Ivory Satin and the front is decorated with cream colored satin ribbon bows. They have a 2 inch heel. They are in very clean condition. The label inside the leather and linin lined shoes reads Theyer, Mcneil and Hodgkins 47 Temple Place Boston. There is some minor scuffing on the tops. Measurements are provided for display purpose only. Approximate length 10” Approx. width 3” Approx. size 4

From Me:

The cool thing about these is that the overall appearance is very similar to any modern pump.   Although you can tell they are older (look at the stitching!), the shape wouldn't look out of place in the 21 st Century.   It also means I can add some sort of decoration to the front of a pair of pumps and declare them great for the bustle era.  :-)  

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