Tuesday, October 25, 2011

late 1860's possible Summer Wedding dress

From the seller:

This is a piece for the seasoned collector or possible the first timer that wants to start out with a "high end" textile.

Here is a beautiful piece of history. It is in excellent condition and over 130 years old. It was said to have been worn by a bride in its day. The two pc. dress has no under garments and is made of sheer ecru organdy fabric. The arm syces are piped. You will find machine and hand sewn stitches that helped construct this beauty. It has not been freshened by laundering.

If this dress where to be freshened up by laundering, it is believe that its over all beauty would just be enhanced and all age spots might just fade away.  Now let me say this dress is beautiful in its current condition. However, just for your information let me pick it apart.

On the bodice you will find it fastens down the front with 5 tiny hidden crochet covered buttons. They barely keep the bodice closed. Perhaps the holes need shortening. Near the third button is a slight yellowing soiling to the area. Just so you know. Right sleeve at the cuff needs a few stitches to the seam. I have it pinned. Right cuff also sports the darkest of all age spots/possible soil. The spots are in a row spanning maybe 2 1/2" and are brown in color. Not a bing deal but you should know. On the very back of the bodice at the waist center is a verticle hole measuring 1/4". It blends right in when ensemble is displayed. It was hard to photograph. No other condition issues and no odors.

Bodice measures 20" at the shoulder, 35" at the chest, 27" at the waist, 21" long down the front, and 54" down the back to the longest hemline point. Please know that in this period of time the shoulder seam sat of the shoulder an inch or two.

The skirt waist of this pc. measures 26" at the waist. It has no fastener and was pinned closed for display purposes. At the closure point of the waistband it has been re-enforced with a 2"cotton insert that is believed to have been done honoring the period. The whole skirt has maybe a dozen light yellow/brown age spots here and there that you don't really notice but upon close examination are present. One area on a hemline panel might even be a slight bit of soiling. Otherwise, no odors, holes or tears found.

This is  a piece of fashion history worth investing in because it will continue to last the test of time if sensible cared for in a collectors collection. Pearl necklace is just a prop and not for sale. Though it is display here with a hoop skirt , crenlin, and corset cover; these items are not of the period nor are they for sale. All questions welcome. More photos available upon request.

From Me:

This is probably from the late 1860's/early 1870's and meant to be worn with a small bustle.  A great summer dress.

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