Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peek-A-Boo beige and lavendar gown

From the seller:

This is an amazing original antique Victorian ball gown with a slight train for that added statement of elegance. Is beige silk with peek-a-boo lace that allows the lavender to come through to give new meaning to lavender and lace, stored in smoke-free home for decades. It is approx a size 8 in lovely condition for its age and could be worn to your own Victorian Ball.  The THIRD image with the beige skirt raised to show the petticoat is closer to the true color of both the beige silk dress and the lavender silk petticoat. The top fastens in the FRONT, but pics show front and back detail.  Skirt is rather long (model is 5’8”), so dress is for someone taller but can easily be hiked up w safety pins on back side to puff/ruffle and the 10 lace cutouts included would hide the pins. Skirt was hand washed and ironed damp before listing.  

Please notice that a dressmaker added new nonsilk matching lavender panels to the bodice lining so when worn the bodice would stay inside skirt.  She also retained as much of original lining as possible.  Ribbon ties added for easy wear.  Slight staining on silk violet lining.  Measurements are:  24” skirt waist/ lavender petticoat slightly smaller  40” hips ; 41” length from top of skirt,  PLUS approx 9” train that makes it longer and lovely in back.; circumference of wide skirt approx 148”; Puffs at bodice that ties so generous bust measurement. 16” Opening hole for arm; 25” from top of shoulder seam to end of wrist ruffle; 18” from under arm to end of wrist ruffle; Net of wrist ruffle about 6” high

Lovely lace width approx 1-3/4” so the silk lavender lining can be seen and admired.
Again, please note 10 lace medallions, 1-1/2” diameter, if needed to shorten, will be included. They were used to create folds with large safety pins to hike up and shorten skirt w/o hemming or cutting. When skirt was washed, it was ironed at full length and no ruffles were reinstalled.

From Me:

I wish she hadn't washed it.  The fact that the seller claims none of the ruffles were reinstalled after washing the garment freaks me out a bit.   At any rate, this is a perfect example of the Belle Epoque gowns around the Turn of the Century.  The lavender just peaks out from behind the lace to give that hint of color.   Absolutely lovely. 

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