Monday, October 24, 2011

Late Victorian/ Early Edwardian Summer blouse

From the seller:

Waist: 10" across
Bust: 18" across
Sleeve length: 22"
Blouse length: 17.5"
Shoulders across: 12.5"

The issues are: the size (very small, won't button in back on the mannequin) - some staining and holes. There must have been a silk lining in the sleeves at one time, because there are remnants of fabric around the armholes. Needs laundering.
Blouse is suitable for wearing, study, display, theater - and has lots of gorgeous lace for repurposing.

From Me:

I *think* this was an 1890's dress that was remade slightly in the 1900's/1910's to follow the shirtwaist fashion popular in the Edwardian era.  It's a pretty neat looking piece and gives a new meaning to "peek-a-boo" bodice!

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