Thursday, October 20, 2011

19th Century quilted bonnet

From the seller:

I know this bonnet - hood is Regency because there is one almost exactly the same at Snowshill, and described by Mackenzie* [see below]

'The hood performed a similar function to the calash. The far right example, dating to the early 19th Century is made of black silk, lined in silk quilted in a diamond pattern' p18, 2004.

If you look at the associated picture, the early 19th Century hood was quite short and became longer around the neck as the Century progressed. I have also sold one of these from later in the Century, although I don't think either are easy to find!

This Regency hood also has quite a deep shape, simialr to the poke bonnets at the time, although the deliberately split centre front may be so that it could be turned back a little to show more of the face.

The hood I am selling here is missing its cord around the face, to bring the hood around the head in bad weather [although the casing is still present]. The cord for the lower edge is present but needs to be gently pulled back out from the casing if you wish it to look like the Snowshill one.

Otherwise in fine condition for a 200 year old item, the silk outer being in superb shape, apart from a tiny split to the creased edge. There is wear to small areas of the lower casing, which is how I found that the cording is still there! These small splits also indicate that the hood is interlined with a barely - there wool floss.

There are a couple of vague white marks insdie the hood, which I would think could be gently removed if they bother you. I would ignore them.

Finally, the silk inner is thinner than the exterior and here there are a few straight splits but difficult to see.

The pleating to the lower centre back could have been overstitched at some point [not sure] and the ribbon ties, although old, are most probably replacements.

A fine example of an early 19th Century ladies hood, showing how small the curly hair was worn compared to late in the previous Century!


Susan Langley 'Vintage Hats & Bonnets 1770-1970' Collector Books 2009

From Me:

I don't think it's Regency.   I think it's actually closer to the 1840's based on other hats and bonnets I've seen from that era.  I understand the seller's confusion but I do believe it's later.  Still, a lovely quilted hat!

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