Friday, October 21, 2011

Light Green American Civil War Dress

From the seller:

This is the first of several mid 19th century garments we will be selling in the next few weeks, so be sure to check our auctions. Here is a wonderful original silk dress that dates to the early 1860s. It has all the desirable features of a dress worn during the Civil War years. 

The dress is displayed on our form which is about a size 4. While probably worn by an adult back then, few adult women are this petite these days! As such we are selling it for display and will not provide detailed measurements. Buy based on what you see here.  

The silk is basically solid with a few minor areas of fraying and some small splits, plus some minor opened seams. These can be easily repaired. 

Apparently the original owner sweated out the underarms, and has very nearly repaired them with left over fabric. This in turn shows some sweat staining.  

Three of the glass decorative buttons are missing, but the two groupings of three do not look bad as is. The bodice closes with hooks and eyes.  

Decorative belt with rosette on front ties in the back and is edged with trim.  

Skirt is edged with worsted tape, and is longer in back than in front. 

From Me:

Over all, this is a pretty good looking mid 1860's dress.  The seller's description is sort of amusing.