Monday, October 17, 2011

Ladies pair of jumps

From the seller:

 I am offering a wonderful late 18th century adult woman's pair of jumps, or soft stays (corset), today.  They are in wonderful condition, as shown, a very rare survivor of utilatarian working womans wear. Entirely hand stitched, the outer layer being a wonderful early indigo resist print cotton, with coarse linen lining, pieced as shown int he pictures above~ please click to enlarge them!  THis type of soft stay, or jumps, were worn at home before dressing , and for lower class working women, they were worn with a shirt gown over a skirt. Hand stitched eyelet holes at the front closing, with front edge bound in silk, with much wear as shown.  Measures 18" from shoulder to hem.  ****NO RETURNS**** so please bid accordingly, and feel free to ask me any questions! What you see above, is exactly what you will receive :)  These are very rare, and offered with no reserve~ dont miss them!

From Me:

Based on the print, I'm thinking 1790's for these jumps. They would just then be falling out of fashion for the higher regency styles.   Transition jumps!

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  1. When the thing shows up you would have a thought whether you have settled on the correct decision, or possibly you need a littler or bigger size. That one thing will give you a thought of the estimating of the specific store, so in the wake of having 'tried' the measuring feel free to purchase more! repladies