Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fancy Dress Bodice

From the seller:

Fabulous circa 1880s-1900 Victorian cuirass bodice (fitted jacket cut low on the hips with no waist seam), custom-sewn for a costume ball or Halloween costume.  Main body is shiny black fabric, probably taffeta, possibly silk, and the sleeves are a lightweight cotton with a sheen to it.  Lined with a lightweight cream cotton.  The collar matches the sleeves, and is made to wrap around and attach to the back of the neck, for a unique bow feature at the back (faded/water spot, easily hidden).  Beautiful 4" black gathered lace cuffs, with very little damage - just some breakage through the netting in a few spots.  Lovely woven covered buttons, with 2 missing.  I found 4-5 areas where the black fabric is splitting some, and underarm stains.  Quite small, waist is about 24" and bust is only about 30". Collar down to bottom front pointed hem is 19".  Really a lovely display piece, with little damage, in very good condition.

From Me:

This is a wonderful example of a fancy dress bodice from the 1890's. The Victorians LOVED their costumed balls. This would have had a matching calf length skirt and mask, most likely, to go with it.

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