Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Turn of the Century Black lace Gown

From the seller:

This is a FANTASTIC antique Victorian/Edwardian era ball gown, consisting of two pieces: blouse top, and skirt with train.  The skirt is shown with a white sheet underneath, to show the beautiful French lace off, and so all the details show up well.  The skirt is a finely dotted mesh, with three central panels of fancy French lace down the front.  The skirt measures 23" at the waist, which could be let out a bit if needed.  Closure at the back is with hook and eye.  The skirt is 39" long in the front;  about 47" long in the back.  The waist is finished with fine silk tape.  The skirt is also decorated with 5 ruffle tiers trimmed with very narrow velvet ribbon.
The blouse is of black net, luxuriously decorated with sequins, beads, flat silk braid, ruffles and narrow velvet ribbon.  The waist is bound with silk tape, in a blousen style.  The top measures 13" neck; 24" waist (which can be let out some); 9" underarm to waist; 15" sleeve top to ruffle top;  and the back is 18" from neck to waist.  Back closure is many hooks and eyes.  Both the top and skirt also have a couple additional hooks and eyes on the waists to, apparently, hook the top and skirt together.  The sleeve ruffles are sheer pleated material, decorated at the sleeve with beads and sequins, and on the ruffle itself with decorated insert and rouched edge.  
There are some minor issues with this gown, but for its age the fabrics and trims are in very good condition.  The neck top-edge needs to be trimmed with a fine silk bias.  On the bouse, some sequins could be re-stitched; and a small section of braid on the blouse front, needs to be stitched back down.  This is a gorgeous gown, great for use in theater costuming, for movies, museum display, or to alter to wear. 
The gown was shown with white underneath for the photos.   I am selling, in another auction, a PERFECT antique black silk petticoat, which would be perfect for underneath this skirt.  Please see all the photographs for details, and ask any questions prior to bidding.  Thanks for looking at my auction.  Check out my other auctions any time.

From Me:

This would look lovely with a bright color beneath it.   I'm amazed at all the lovely net dresses lately. 

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