Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1880's Blue Brocade Bustle Gown

From the seller:

This luxurious antique Victorian era blue silk brocade bustle visiting gown dress dress dates from 1880. It is made of a bright royal blue color silk taffeta fabric, with a darker blue velvet faux front cropped jacket, sleeves and collar. There is a blue silk satin brocade fabric front insert on the top and skirt done in a peach pastel color pod like floral leaf pattern design which resembles the boll of the cotton plant. This beautiful bustle visiting gown traveling dress has a fitted bodice jacket, with layering, a high collar neckline, front lapel, gathered shoulders, long narrow sleeves with rolled cuffs, a peplum skirted waist with fanned bustle back drape. It is fully lined, with stays boning, weights sewn inside and blue silk buttons down the front for closure. The bodice measures 18 inches long, with a 24 inch waist, 34 inch bust and 11 inch back. There is a matching full bustle back floor length skirt, with pleating details, a layered dust ruffle hemline, petticoat lining and built in small bustle hoop for back extension with buckle tie strap sewn inside. The skirt measures 40 inches long, with a 23 inch waist. It is in excellent clean wearable condition, with only one button missing on the bodice and some hook closures missing off the back of the skirt. This is truly a rare wonderful quality custom made Victorian visiting outfit!

From Me:

The fabric on the skirt of this bustle dress is very unusual. At first, I thought it was modern! It wasn't until I saw the close up shots I realized this is, in fact, an extant gown. The color is so fabulously bright! A great gown!

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