Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1840's Dress and Shoes

From the seller:

This is a very rare find. It is an Original Mid 1840's Women's Dress w/ shoes!

Yes, a 160 year old Dress!!

I will also include the shoes that were tucked away alongside the dress!!

This dress was tucked away in a closet within my home for decades. I know little to nothing about vintage clothing but I did check with some experts...

It was described to me, by some experts, as the following:

"Mid 1840s. Its a classic example of the era with the pleated bodice front, mushroom/fawn/putty colour silk taffeta with a deep 'V' waist (borrowed from medieval styling). The pleating on the top of the skirt is called "cartridge pleating" and was a very popular technique at the time. I think it's probably for a woman rather than girl, due to the bust shaping. People were much shorter then. It will be entirely hand-sewn."

Please use the pictures to help evaluate it further. Again, I know nothing about dresses, especially Antique ones.

From Me:
Yeap, this is very much an 1840's dress and shoes!

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