Thursday, December 29, 2011

1920's White and Black with Pink Bow Dress

From the seller:


Up for auction is this simply stunning antique 1920s flapper dress! This silk dress absolutely epitomizes the free wheelin' flapper days of the 1920s. This silk dress is neatly adorned with rhinestones throughout! This dress also features a hand sewn ecru lace neckline and bow!! This dress is fully lined with a tan slip that creates the wonderful visual effects you see in the pictures! The bottom hem of this dress is also elegantly scalloped! Truly a rare relic from the roaring twenties that is in incredible vintage condition!

This dress measures 18" from side to side at the armpit and 17 1/2" side to side at the waist. The length from the back collar to bottom hem is 38" to 40" depending on where you measure to on the scalloped bottom. The bottom hem when laid out flat measures 34 1/2" from side to side.

From Me:
I think I want to remake this dress. It's so very cool looking!

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