Monday, December 19, 2011

Late 1880's/early 1890's Bodice

From the seller:
Nice Victorian pale aqua blue silk woman's bodice top with ribbon laced up front and several intact stays to fit a tiny waist. Two stays are missing, but seven are intact. Stays are black material, so not sure what they are made from; sometimes stays were removed for a better fit. Hand and early treadle sewn with double loop of silk to lower back, all stays handsewn in place. Some staining under collar and beneath arms, but overall displays beautifully, especially with the fine lace bonnet also listed. Waist measurement on front side only is approx. 10 inches, front shoulder 11.5 inches to cap sleeves, which measure about 4.5 inches each.

From Me:

I keep going back and forth on this one. It's either 1880's or 1890's but I'm not sure which decade it belongs too.

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