Wednesday, December 21, 2011

300th post! Caution: Sunglasses Advised. Titanic Era BRIGHT gown

From the seller:

This very unique one-piece vintage edwardian evening gown must have been a spectacular sight in its heyday. Its regal appearance and beautiful color are still apparent, despite the issues. Bright pink silk chiffon gathered at the neckline and pleated soft green silk chiffon are separated by extensive beaded trim and enhanced with flourishes of beading on the bodice. The dress is belted with a bright pink high-waisted silk cumberbund. The green silk chiffon falls to below knee and is gathered by a jeweled buckle. The bottom of the skirt finishes in pink silk over-layed with white lace. The grand bright pink satin train, attached above the cumberbund in the back, completes the drama of the gown.

Condition: Poor, for Study Only
This dress is in poor condition, though there are some pieces that could be reused if desired. The chiffon is weak, especially through the bodice and is in shatters on the sleeves. The lining of the dress is completely shattered and only bits and pieces remain. The silk cumberbund is stronger but delicate, as are the pink silk in the train and bottom skirt. However, as you can see in the photos, there are some very large tears in the fabric of the train. The lace on the bottom is in good condition and much of the beading could be used in another project. Its a beautiful example of the time period and makes an excellent study piece for style and pattern, as well as one of the most interesting examples of the use of color I've ever seen.

From Me:

If your eyes are still burning, just look away at a white wall for a few minutes until the colors go away. :-) I've rarely seen colors quite that intense (outside of what I wore in elementary school in the lovely late 80's, early 90's!). Normally, they are muted with a darker colored overlayer. This lady wanted to be seen!

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