Friday, December 9, 2011

Regency Era Print Dress

From the seller:

A very pretty early 19th century cotton dress with a floral print in madder and indigo. It is an apron front dress with ties attached to the front skirt to tie round the waist, but the bodice is attached to the skirt at the back. This was a common style in early 19th century day dresses. I date this dress to about 1815.

Unfortunately, I do not have a suitable mannequin to display the dress properly. I hope the pictures give a good idea of the style.

There is a front opening which would have been pinned to a chemise, the back is diamond seamed with rouleau finish, and the back skirt is tightly gathered, as are the top of the sleeves. The bodice is lined, as are the sleeves. There is a band of fabric which is sewn and was used as a belt, but this would have been pinned on.

This is a very sweet print, and typical of this period. A charming dress on the correct size of mannequin.

The condition is excellent - just a little hole to the left hand lower sleeve, and nothing else major that I can find. The dress is strong and is of course all hand worked.

Measurements: Shoulder to hem 4ft 7ins (1.39cm); skirt circumference 6ft 4ins (1.92cm)

From Me

I was hesitant to post this one because I think it might be just a really good recreation and not an extant dress. Either way, it's lovely.


  1. What is a rouleau finish? thank you. You can respond to Thanks

  2. @Angela Hi! It's a French term for a rolled edge.