Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Changeable Silk Dress

From the seller:

Lovely, lovely fabric, with almost an iridescent quality, was used to make this 1860's changeable silk gown. The background fabric changes from a copper to a bluish purple, with an overall blue floral design.

The bodice closes with black glass buttons, has silk trim in a V-shape at the sleeves, which have an interesting construction which I have shown below. It's lined with brown cotton, the sleeves partially lined with blue silk.

The skirt has been cut off just below the waist, but the piping is intact except for a small place in front.

The skirt is also lined with cotton, there is a pocket and blue wool binding at the hem. The bodice has a 36" bust, the unpicked skirt is about 162" around at the hem, 164" around at the hem, it's about 40" long. The outside fabric to the bodice is very good to excellent, with one button missing at the waist, the brown tobacco cotton lining is shredding, the blue silk that lines the sleeves is in good condition.

The skirt is also excellent, as far as the fabric and lining goes, there is one place at the hem where the fabric has ripped away from the blue wool binding, this is about 66" long. The lining to the skirt is very good.

There is also some extra fabric, not pictured, found in the estate with the gown: One long piece with the selvedge intact, this measures 52" x 19", excellent condition, along with a handful of smaller pieces.

From Me:

I wish sellers would not show these antique items on hangers. It stresses out the fabric. However, I do agree, most likely an 1860's dress.

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