Friday, December 9, 2011

Stunning! Early Edwardian Undergarments

From the seller:

Antique French lace dress petticoat and camisole set

Absolutely stunning lace dress with matching petticoat and camisole, its SO gorgeous and in such great age consistent condition .

The petticoat has some damage ,needs stitching below the button fastening where its ripped a bit and there are a couple of nicks on the skirt and one mark see photos. The camisole is perfect and the dress near perfect few minor small holes in the lace and one small grubby patch on the bottom lace tier. A little of the ribbon has deteriorated a bit. the whole outfit is perfectly strong and still wearable.....amazing.

I have replaced the top ribbon for photographing so it needs a new one threaded in the top of dress.

Measures approximately ;Dress length 54 ins, bust 36 ins, hips 38/40. good news!

The petticoat and camisole are pretty small; waist 24 ins on both, camisole bust;36 ins and length 18 ins. Petticoat front length 40 ins back length with train 45 ins.

Beautiful lace, fine cotton, pin tucks, silk ribbon and gorgeous tiny buttons what more could a girl want! And for the wedding night check my other listings for beautiful cami-knickers and kimono!!

From Me:

Thing I am learning from the sellers: If it's white, it's for a wedding. If it's pretty, it's French. *sigh*

This is from the early Edwardian era. You can see the train on the one petticoat that would protect the skirt from getting icky.

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