Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wedding Gown Turn of the Century

From the seller:

Two-piece, ecru Victorian wedding gown with lovely ruffle, lace and beading details. Elegant in its simplicity, this gown has an air of sophistication. The long-sleeved bodice, with pleating along the shoulder-line is accented with ruffles, lace and beaded trim. The tan taffeta ribbon that wraps around the waist also embellishes the high neck, with a bow in the back. The trained skirt ends in layers of beautiful ruffles.

Condition: Poor, for study only
Unfortunately, the moths appear to have had a field day with this gown. There are holes all over, especially in the bodice. There are also a number of areas of discoloration throughout the fabric. The beaded trim has areas of discoloration, the taffeta ribbon has frayed edges and the lace is almost torn off the dress. It’s a real shame because the fabric is otherwise sturdy, but can’t be repaired. A great study, pattern or even display piece, though.

From Me

I sort of want to add a big pink bow to the back of this dress. This is a lovely early Edwardian dress. I'm going with the idea it's a Wedding gown (versus a ball gown) simply because of the amount of beading and details. The cut is similar to the day gowns of the era but the silk and beading would make this a day wedding gown.

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