Thursday, December 22, 2011

Late Victorian Wedding Gown

From the seller:

Omg, this is a true beauty!! One of a kind, antique Pre victorian wedding dress. I believe this pice is from the mid 1800's. It is a two piece wedding dress. In great condition for is age. I believe this piece is best used as a decoration. Way too small to wear. The piece does have some slight dust stains, and marks on the train ( slight). The piece has some damage in the delicate organdy trim on the top. The sleeves have some damage, see photo #5. There is small splits in the fabric, on the top of the dress. The top is the dress has so much decoration, that the damage is hard to see. The main fabric of the piece is either a silk or a faux silk satin. The fabrice is quite thick, and it is quite sturdy ( no dry rot). The feather like organdy trim is delicate to the touch. it measures:

The top: the top of the dress has 18 covered buttons. It has three hooks at the top of the neck for close. The inside of the top has many of the rib sives for a tiny waist. It measures: sleeve length: 19", bust across: 12", waist across: 10 7/8" ( or 20" around). From neck to bottom hem: 21".

The skirt. The skirt shows some dust and and slight dirt marks. As far as I could see, the fabric is in great condition. It measures: waist: 9 1/2" or 19" around, the skirt is: 43" long with an additional 31" train.

I do not really ever sell antique clothing. I did my best to describe the dress. Best as used as a display. It a great piece, and considering its most likely 150 years old, its in great shape.

From Me:

*looks at dress and then seller's description. Begins to wonder if she's the only one that grew up watching Pollyanna and Anne of Green Gables*

Anyway... Not a mid century dress by any stretch. This beauty is clearly from the 1890's. (Sleeves! Puffy Puffy SLEEVES!!!!) It is most likely a wedding gown so I'll give the seller credit there.


  1. omg this is beautiful, but is not ornament, people were smaller in height and size back in the day, not to mention the use of corse made waists a lot smaller!

    1. Hi and welcome to my blog!

      Although the seller said it would be best for decoration - which is very true, this should not be worn today- the measurements are small even for that age. Yes, people were smaller in height on average...but by an inch or two. We would no more look like giants to them than they would look like hobbits to us. :-) Corsets do constrict the waist, but most ladies only went down about 4". It was only the fashionistas of the day that went for the tiny waists. It would sort of be like having a designer wardrobe today - most people shop at Walmart, not Neiman Marcus. I hope that clears up a few things! Feel free to ask questions.