Friday, December 9, 2011

Late 18th century brown gown

From the seller:

A rare opportunity to have a authentic XVIIIth dress

This dress is date at the end of the XVIIIth aronde 1790/1792 is made in a very lovely satin in very good condition
She is in to parts
The bodice linen in lin and not remind
The skirt is probably remind at the XIXth but in very good condition a large meters of fabric

From Me:

Based on the stitching lines along the back of the bodice, my guess is this an older gown remade into the newer style during the early 1790's or even the late 1780's. Based on the neckline and the way the sleeves are, this gown *could* be as early as mid 18th century.


  1. thanks, i own it happy! she's gorgeous!

    1. Oh wonderful! Would you mind terribly taking some measurements of the bodice and sharing them with us? I'm curious about the back length and the waist measurement.

    2. of course, no problem. do i get an email when you ask me any questions cause i just signed up for this will receive it at the end or the beginning of next week. i have also other gowns which might be interesting to you...just checked, no got no email. how can i see that there is a message for me? love to help!!!

    3. dear isabella, if you take a look at the blok at the sign of the golden scissors you will find antoher brown dress i own mentioned as" antother brown gown" posted febr. funny to find my purchases on otherones sites.......hihi, could give you loads of info on this one too if you like....