Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pink and Purple 1890's outfit

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From the seller:

The color of this Paris Label Paquin 2 pc Victorian gown is stunning! The bodice is fashioned of a bright rose pink silk velvet. There are 2 panels of bright purple chiffon outlined in ecru lace extending down from each shoulder which drape in at tie at the front. The chiffon on the right side of the bodice has some discoloration and needs to be reattached to the lace at one point. The discoloration goes unnoticed unless looked for. There are accents of jet at the neckline and epaulette shoulders as well as at the ruffled cuffs. The bodice is lined in a cream silk which has breakage, but is not completely shattered. The petersham reads “Paquin 3 Rue de la Paix 3 Paris” There is some spotting on the front of the silk velvet, some all over discoloration/in need of cleaning, and under the arms, the velvet is completely broken. It appears that some of the stitching has come undone at the waist of the velvet, as it is loose. The skirt is fashioned of a bright purple corded silk which has matching pink velvet trim in 4 bands at the bottom. The condition of the skirt is good, since the fabric is nice and sturdy, but also needs a cleaning, with some spotting and dinge to the velvet. There is a pink silk velvet jet accented waistband which matches the neckline that has breaks in it-it is the weakest part of the dress along with the underarms, and there is a pull in the silk down the center of the skirt.

Label: Paquin 3 Rue de la Paix Paris

measures (all items are measured flat in inches + doubled):


Bodice: bust: 29 waist: 23 length: 43

Skirt: waist: 26 length: 38

Has not been cleaned.

Thanks for bidding.

From Me:

This scares me.


I mean, I love pink and purple. I'm a huge fan. I've even worn them together. However this? .....I think this should be used to scare little children. Or maybe to show that our ancestors also sometimes had no common sense when it came to fashion sense.

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