Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blue and Gray Bustle Era Gown

From the seller:

ANTIQUE 1880s VICTORIAN Grey Silk BUSTLE gown DRESS! Demure three piece GOWN, Bodice measures, bust 34",waist 23 12", shoulders 15", arms 22", silk button front, three missing, underarm stains, silk is separating in areas, collar needs reattaching, BUSTLE OVERSKIRT 24" waist, 39" long, has button side accents w/ a PARASOL POCKET, Bustle UNDERSKIRT waist 25", front waist to hem 43", back 46 1/2". silks have separations and water stains, great example for pattern study or display, Sold as is!

From Me:

Thank you, seller! Thank you for showing pictures of the dress without the overskirt. This is actually very helpful for those of us that do want to re-create bustle gowns.

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