Thursday, December 22, 2011

Early Edwardian Black Lace Skirt

From the seller:

This Edwardian skirt has a top layer of black lace (photo 2) with two attached under-skirts: one of very sheer black chiffon-type material (photo 3) with a ruffle at bottom, and under that, one of black taffeta (photo 4) with a ruffle. The lace is tack-stitched to the underskirt at a few points about knee-high. The taffeta slip has a section of the ruffle that is torn or cut from the skirt (photo 5), but still attached (about 2 feet long). I found 3 tears in the lace (photos 7 & 8), and one mended spot (shows as browner thread in photo 9). None of these lace imperfections are visible when skirt is displayed.

The skirt is a small size:

Waist: 23"
Length in front: 41"
Length in back: 52"
Circumference of lace skirt at bottom: appr. 14.5 feet

From Me:

This *might* be a bit earlier (1890s) but I can see this being 1900's as well. I'm keeping it as an Edwardian for now. It's right there at the Turn of the Century though.

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