Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Possible 18th Century Turkish (Ottoman) Shoes

From the seller:

Original Antique 1800's Ottoman shoes hand made and richly hand embroidered of massive real silver and gold threads and red leatherCondition: GOOD for the age,

a pair of shoes but different colors..
Please you check detail photos
1gold and 1 silver.= 1 pairs

From Me:

This is one of the sellers that confuse 18th century with 1800's. However, I'm leaning to the 18th Century on these shoes due to the toe decorations.


  1. Ottoman? Hmmmm, I think not. They look definitely Indian to me. They're called Khussa shoes, and I have some contemporary ones that look almost exactly like them.

    1. One thing I ask of individuals who do not agree with my analysis is that they provide evidence of their own. Although you have not done that, here are some examples backing up my point.

      You can see similar shoes in the 19th C Print: <- she doesn't have the curly cue at the end, but she does have a similar shaped shoe <- no date on these that are in a museum but they look mid 19th C based up on the embroidery and the left/right lasts

      The shoes I posted do not have a left/right last (ie, the shoes are not made to be for one specific foot) which was common in the Europe and the Middle East in the 18th Century.,_Jean-Etienne_Liotard,_c._1750_-_Nelson-Atkins_Museum_of_Art_-_DSC08828.JPG

      If you enlarge the photo and zoom in on the lady, you can see her shoes are very similar as well - again, without the curly que. <- This is just evidence this style is hardly a new idea at all. Shoes 2 and 3 are very similar again and are about 2,500 years old.

      There are many, many others. Shoes don't change nearly as much as other aspects of fashion - and often, shoe styles come back later on. So, although you may have a similar pair (with a left and a right, probably) from India, that does not in anyway mean that these aren't 18th Century Ottoman.

  2. Hi, is this visual shoe from the osamanlı period?

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