Wednesday, December 28, 2011

American Civil War Era Bodice

From the seller:

This auction is for a great highly fashionable ballgown bodice from the eve of the Civil War. The exaggerated Princess lines and deep points exemplify the Height of the crinoline period. The curve created by the pointed bodice front and back was capable of holding more heavily pleated fabric. the panels were then gored to create a sweeping fan-shaped silhouette. as the 1860s progressed, emphasis was on creating a smoother line at the hips. The bodices were lengthened and round waists came into fashion. The double line of trim simulates a bertha while revealing the smooth line from bust to waist. It's Magenta silk chenille trim is also an early trend, Chemical dyes came into use in the 1850s and the 1859 Battle of Magenta by the French Army gave its name to this new shade. The bodice sleeves are gathered horizontally into thick puffs over the lining. The bodice fastens behind by lacing.

Condition is fair. There is underarm breakdown, scattered small holes, browning to the trim and general stiffness.
Measurements are: The bust is 34 inches & the waist measures 26 inches. Please note: Measurements are approximate and should be taken as maximum. This item is sold AS-IS, so please ask all questions prior to bidding. Payment via PayPal is due within 3 days of auctions end. We have 17 years experience collecting and selling antique & vintage clothing and related items. International Bidders Welcomed! Thanks and Happy Bidding!

From Me:

This is just too cute. It's sad that it's not in better condition but you can still see the wonderful contrasting trim and the details on the sleeves.

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